CNalysis Newsletter - July 23rd, 2021

District Profile series begins, Launch of CNalysis store

Welcome to the CNalysis regular newsletter. Every two weeks, you will get the latest in state legislative politics as well as our forecasts and other work.

Support our work at CNalysis while getting a Bang for Your Buck! Find out what the best state legislative races to donate to are!

Are you looking to spend your money wisely when it comes to political donations? CNalysis has you covered. For just $5 a month (or ($50/year), you can buy a subscription for our Bang for Your Buck content, with a new issue coming out in a few days (new issues come out as needed after new campaign finance data and/or rating changes). Using a model based on the most recent election result, campaign finance, its closeness to the recent tipping point as well as what its current rating is, CNalysis is figuring out what the best races to donate to are in state legislatures.

In 2021, we are solely focusing on the Virginia House, the only competitive chamber up this year. After redistricting though, we will be expanding our model nationwide and factoring in population in each seat so our BFYB subscribers get a good dollar per voter as well. Don’t miss out! Buy a subscription today and support CNalysis, we really need your support so we can keep doing what we’re doing.

The latest issue of the Bang for Your Buck newsletter came out on July 16th. The next issue will go out on September 16th.

District Profile Series Begins at CNalysis

This week, yours truly wrote the first “District Profile” series at CNalysis, a type of piece analyzing highly competitive state legislative districts between 2021 and 2022. In 2021, we will be doing every single district in the Virginia House of Delegates we rate between Lean Republican and Lean Democrat. For 2022, we will selectively choose the most interesting, highly competitive races to profile, or will profile them if paid to do so.

CNalysis Store Launch

Also this week we launched our official store, selling beanies, buttons and stickers! You can click here to access it, or go to and click “Store” on the top of the page to access it at any time. We have partnered with Gibson Print, a union printer here in the great Commonwealth of Virginia. We’d greatly appreciate it if you could support our work by making a purchase!

Our Latest Work

The Latest in State Legislative Politics

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